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Comment: They gave it their best!

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They gave it their best!

I come from a long family tree of family farming and long haul trucking. One thing I do know about the vast majority of truckers in this country is, they are extremely down to earth family guys.

The ‘’ made three major predictions. The first one was very achievable, but the second was highly unlikely, and the third one being totally ridiculous, they were as follows;

1.) Their first prediction was that 10,000 truckers were coming into DC to protest the lack of Constitutional Rule of Law (this was very achievable considering the millions of trucks on the road today)

2.) There second prediction was they were coming to ARREST Congressmen and Senators for violating their oath of office. I found this statement very hard to believe because most drivers are family guys, just trying to make a living. Most truckers would have a very hard time arresting anyone let alone a Congressman or Senator. (I never expected this part to happen. Furthermore, I felt such a statement more than likely hindered their cause)

3.) There third prediction was that one hundred million Americans would be supporting them in this event. Such a statement was completely absurd, for if it were true, Ron Paul would have handily won and been the ‘Republican Party's nominee. After all that 100m number presents more votes than Obama got and half of what Mitt Romney got combined, in the last General election.

The results of success were already in on Friday at noon DC time, it was apparent their first prediction was not going to happen. By that evening it was crystal clear there would be no 10,000 truckers coming to DC. I wrote a piece on behalf of myself and my family thanking those truckers who did show, I was heavily criticized by a few on this board for not being realistic/optimistic.

My Conclusion of this event: I personally believe the is an organization with great aspirations to restore Constitutional Law in this country. They deserve a big hand for their efforts. But the facts are very clear they are an organization without members, and little or no real followers! At least not yet!

I’d like to close by saying once again, On behalf of myself and my family, we thank all those Truckers who gave so much this weekend. (Take Your Bookmarks Wherever You Go!)