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What difference does it make?

If it doesn't make any difference, what's the point?

He's far from alone in losing his home, gloablly, there are for worse tragidey's happening to children, for many reasons, crying and angry, humgry and abused. What makes this particular picture so special?

I look forward to when I go, and I think I will be better prepared now that I have seen what happens to ALL people in camps globally.. it seems to me, this particular picture is special because it is covering for a terror far worse, and no one is watching, not on DP.. no one seems to be paying attaention.. rather the attention is being focused on one area.. It's no accident.

When I ask, I'm not doing anything any different than anyone who lives there, because it is a tapestry of people and authorities, and to say "Palestinian", is something some American who didn't know much about the cultures, or some propegandist who employing the child's response as a tool to continue to flame the message of anger and hate.

One reason that I have been studying the area is that with the talks about the economy and government crashing, what would happen to the USA, and we could very well wind up like Palestine, which I wouldn't wish on anyone, though some do very very well as it is, but most have dreams, just like Americans, or anyone from any nation that appreciates having land.

Not too long ago there were many American children crying and angry like this because of mortgage corruption and them being forced out of their homes in Nevada