Comment: In many ways you have a serious point.

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In many ways you have a serious point.

In New Zealand and Australia we have ANZAC Day, to honer those that were slaughtered for Britain in World Wars 1 and 2. It was a solemn day of remembrance,to reflect on the horrors of trench warfare, mustard gas and all of the other nightmares that war brings.
The ANZAC motto is "Lest We Forget".
Lately however ANZAC Day has been really, really sexed up, the message being that to die for your country is heroic and honorable.
We have very very few WW 1 and 2 veterans left to remember the horrors of war, so now we start the cycle all over again, by whitewashing war, and making our young men and women "heroes" for assisting in the illegal, immoral invasions of other countries.