Comment: I know that food poisoning

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I know that food poisoning

I know that food poisoning (a.k.a GMOs) is a very big issue and something that needs to be stopped.

Labeling would go a long way in fighting these GMO companies, and I know that currently it is the organic and natural farmers that are spending more on labeling than the GMO industries.

However I cannot support (don't worry, I cannot vote anyways) this law since it uses force to regulate the food labeling schemes. Ron Paul's non-interventionism also concludes the same.

Ron Paul: "One of the justifications for this (Government regulation in limiting choice) is that advertising deludes customers. This means that customers are considered not able to sort out fact from fiction when they read or see an advertisement. It is interesting that the same advertising agencies hired by businesses to sell products are also hired by politicians to produce advertisements in election years. In other words, advertising is accepted as a legitimate way to motivate people to take action during election years, but is placed under suspicion when it comes to advertising products and services. People in their capacity as voters are supposedly perfectly capable of making accurate decisions based on advertising. On the other hand, those same people in their capacity as customers supposedly are incapable of making accurate decisions based on advertising. This is utterly illogical, but it is basic to understanding all modern governments in the West ... "

Business will always advertise and label things to entice customers. Eternal vigilance from customers is necessary to take informed decisions. Relying on Government regulation would end up hurting more than being vigilant.