Comment: You need some force to guarantee individual sovereignty

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You need some force to guarantee individual sovereignty

You can whine all day about no one can coerce someone else. But if there is zero government, the strong will coerce the weak.

Sometimes I think the anti-constitution talk is a counter movement within a movement designed to keep us on the fringe when what we should be doing is focusing on restoring the constitution.

We have no more time for this taking things to ridiculous extremes. This is no game. It is our asses that are on the line here.

The only faulty logic here is yours. You are advocating zero coercion knowing fell well that no government means a Road Warrior type civilization in the short run, and tyranny in the long run.

What we need is a Constitutional Republic which guarantees the rights of man. The founders had that right. If we don't make restoring the constitution the issue, then the "law" is what each individual believes it to be. And that is basically what we have now... groups deciding what they think the law should be and coalescing around that cause or this cause. You see the result.

Lets keep it simple dude. Lets work together to restore this nation into one that is consistent with the original intent and meaning of the supreme law, the constitution.