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Never Again

As a lifelong Christian American, I have supported the supposed efforts for Israel and the mideast to grow in values and work and show accomplishment in living peacefully. That hasn't happened. After WWII Americans welcomed jewish people to our country, gave them many opportunities and special consideration. They quickly became professors in our Universities, researchers in our pharmaceutical industry, financiers in our finance agencies, doctors in our country, lawyers in our country, filling representative and senate seats and US Supreme Court seats. To our disappointment, they have become the enemy in the camp, which other countries warned us about and other countries limited or blocked their immigration. It is imperative that the jewish people face the reality that there are only a few, very loudmouthed pastors who clobber their congregations to bless Israel with the threat that if they don't, God won't like them and will punish them. Those pastors have either hidden the real meaning of those scriptures used to claim God loves jews more than others, or they are ignorant of the translations and meanings. Blessing a person is wishing them well, saying you approve of them and what they do. It does not mean you obey them and empty your pockets for them. In fact, A Blessing On Your Head is intended to help a person, but when they deceive you to get the Blessing, pretending they are something they are not, as Jacob deceived his father and received Esau's Blessing on his head, the "Blessings" turn as "hot coals" on their head. We have supported and protected Israel in their wrongdoings. As scripture further tells, all the Nations will recognize the deceit they have suffered at the hands of Ingrates pretending to be jews. They are ZIONISTS. ZionistCommies. We have been blessing Jacob who has deceived us, when we meant to bless Esau. No more money from USA to Israel. Let them try to get along with all peoples and stay off our backs and out of our pockets. The Too Big To Fail applies no more to them. We must vote ONLY for active CHRISTIANS, and if they prove to be manipulated by the NeoconZionistCommies in our government, remove them and elect another active CHRISTIAN, ultimately teaching the Christians it's not a good idea to do the bidding of the NeoconZionistCommies because they will be removed... and the NeoconZionistCommies will ultimately be disappeared from our government. This is the way to deal with those who want to destroy us, who want to take our firearms and crush our 2A, who go to Egypt and instruct the new leader NOT to use our Constitution as a template because it is old and no longer relevant, but to use the Africa Constitution, the European Constitutions preferably those created after WWII, then she returns to the USSC bench as Justice Gins Berg and not one Justice, not one politician had the commitment to their Oath to call a Hearing to question her on breaking her Oath of Office. Every Agency in our country is contaminated by these NeoconZionistCommies. Who told her to do that, who paid her expenses? When the Egyptians saw the new Constitution it was clearly imprinted with jewish preferences and they removed their leader who had fallen prey to $ control as did their previous rulers. It is strongly viewed by growing number of Americans that she covertly instigated the 2nd Egyptian revolt. That's why O is not liked by Putin. O is a puppet to the NZC and Putin is a Red Communist and hates the NCZ bunch, even has some in his prisons for doing things there like the bunch is slamming on us. No. No more Israel support, and quickly remove the members of the cult from our Christian Principle based Founding Documents and system of Freedom. They simply do not belong because they want to destroy us and create the North America Union connected with the EU headed to New World Order, and thus keep our border open and help floods of INVADERS trample our country. It's over. Jig is up.