Comment: You have my sympathy.

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You have my sympathy.

Simplicity is the key to a mob's unity, not the unity of mankind. Human beings are complex in their nature, regardless of their education or IQ. The simplicity you were asking from me is to simply "agree", yet I do not.

My original statement outlines that free speech is used to ". . . [allow] human beings to reason together and thus avoid physical violence. It allows a scope of understanding that defies narrow interests." This is no less simplistic than your stated passing of information vital to survival, put into terms that focus on individuals rather than in general. "In general" does not describe individuals. When my logic seemed to fail to amuse you, it became convoluted - that is the reason I had to question what lay beneath your initial question. I could not understand what it was you were getting at, beyond confounding what had already been stated. Thus, I assumed you were trying to champion something besides your pride. I have already apologized for my assumption. But I must say again, if you believe in a "broad" definition of an individual freedom, I want no part in whatever Constitution for Dummies handbook you may be trying to write.

By the way, the guarantee of justice is the first verbatim right that the text of our US Constitution provides, not amendments (or Article 5) as you keep asserting. For, "We the People of the [US], in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice . . . do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." That is not something I ever want to see abolished or rewritten simply because it does not make sense to a mob.

But I do thank you as well for your civility.