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What if...

...someone uses the voluntary association, and the powers/duties they are delegated within it to take advantage of others? What if they're the member of the alliance with the most guns, most money and most dominating influence? What if they decide they won't let you break the alliance without a fight, or turning the rest of the community against you? All of these things can happen even with initially voluntary associations between only two people, let alone more.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is that it wouldn't be long before corruption began rearing its ugly head yet again, with strongholds and pockets of it growing as the weak cower before the strong. Governments, both limited and tyrannical would reemerge.

Kind of like oil and vinegar dressing :) -- you shake it; the little drops of oil disperse, but inevitably they start clumping back together until you have separate layers of oil and vinegar again -- a large government and everyone else. You can shake the dressing again, but you can never get rid of little fragments of government completely, or the tendency for them to recombine.