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Now all a sudden, you want a serious discussion.

There most definitely is a strawman. The question is if it is a point of law. Paper isn't a human being and a human being isn't paper. To get branded with a name of which you are given at birth and not conception is a matter of discourse. The deception is real.

It is when one believes that he/she is in fact the strawman that we find the trouble. It is a misconception that leads to failure. Some believe that they can privately contract with themselves.

As so it is to believe you are something that you are not. As you already do. So the goal is to know thyself. It's the oldest story in the book. Keep the public and the private separate. If you play a paper game than you will receive paper chains. Once a person understands who they are than they are in no need of my help.

Being free and understanding the strawman is much deeper than just one mans attempt to play the system for it's inherent flaws. I'm telling you it already is a free country.

What most people are suffering from is intellectual elitism. In that they can fail to understand the many diverse and abstract ways to understand reality. I see the court room like a chess board. I can predict the programming. I assure you it is a con game of epic proportions.

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