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I was a L/libertarian from

I was a L/libertarian from 1992 until last year. I was on the verge of becoming a full fledged anarchist / anti-statist until I learned what the definition of a "state" was in law. It is related to the word status, or condition. Asking what one's state is is similar to asking what state water is in: solid, liquid, or gas. One's state is related to the unity of a body politic with which one is associated. An ani-statist is therefore someone who is against the unity of a body politic. This makes no sense for most us with virtous, honorable intentions.

This helped separate out for me the difference between philosophy and the law, as it stands. Philosophy is important. It can guide and unify people. But without an accurate comprehension of law, the correct law, as it applies to each of us, and our state, philosophy is little more than mental masterbation. We cannot apply any phosophy of governance, or lack thereof, except through our knowledge of law.

Each form of law has its philisophical antecedents, as well as its relation to the other forms of law. Which one you are subject to depends upon you state, and status in law. Those who do not comprehend this, will forever flounder in a stormy sea of incongruous events, actions, and results without latitude, longitude, or bearing.

Philosophy, regardless of its virtue (and I'm a big fan of philosophy) will not save the the man or woman left adrift of the sinking ship of state, but the law can.

Understand the 14th Amendment and how it distorts the general accepted understanding of the law, and one can begin the long, hard swim to the shore of liberty.

God's speed.

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