Comment: I think this failed because there were no teeth in the

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I think this failed because there were no teeth in the


It is a Supreme Law with no direct consequence to the violators.

I opine that the Framers should have defined this as Insurrection in the Constitution, and provided some minimal punishment - ban for life from public office, direct and personal restitution to any victims, and possibly extending loss of citizenship, if not exile, and maybe in the worst cases, if say, loss of life should result from the violation, then death.

There also should have been a way for the People directly to hold officials accountable AFTER and BETWEEN elections. The ballot box is wholly inadequate and for as smart as they were, they should have seen this one coming. After all, they knew full well "factions" would take root. They were experienced in what that results in with the "wheels of government" and how it operates against the Liberty of the People, yet they did NOTHING to thwart this or provide a check against it, save the splitting of the Executive into a President and VP as head of the Senate, which ONLY Thomas Jefferson used with any degree of success, and then they quickly abandoned the mechanism.

Perhaps as well, they should have written in a specific means for States to leave the union, and maybe even throw in specific provisions on nullification as well.

Otherwise, there is no check against seizing of non-delegated power.