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I MIGHT consent to some limited government given the choice, but I certainly would NOT consent to most of what is there now, or what I have to put up with.

Perhaps THAT should be some sort of extra check and balance - where the People ultimately get a referendum on all laws before they take effect, and that ALL laws MUST sunset at a reasonable time, say no later than 20-25 years, so that each generation must reaffirm its consent.

But of course, that still doesn't answer what about those that still voted "nay" or were born in the meantime, or the issue of stealing the referendum to ensure the People always (or nearly always) consented to everything.

The key there would be if you really can't enforce without consent, then you better keep government so limited that nearly everyone WOULD consent. Likely, you could ignore those that don't as they would pose no danger to anyone, and if they did, it doesn't matter if they consent - if they harm another, they will be "brought to justice."