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Back in the 70's I worked at a private school

It was an alternative school for boys who failed in other schools. Staff members could have a dog on campus.
We had a farm where kids got to learn about food production and all types of outdoor programs.

I remember this one teacher who was new to the school. Rick was a big tall blonde haired guy with a physique like a body builder. I used to call him Paul Bunyan. He had the most beautiful red Irish Setter named Sean. But Rick didn't have a lot of experience with animals.
One day when I went out to the dairy barn I saw the most ghastly site (I was 20 years old). Rick had tied his setter to the fence next to the pig pen. The dog apparently tried to jump through or over the fence and hung himself. That was 42 years ago and I still get the chills thinking about it - I can remember every detail of what I saw - it's burned in my brain.
Rick was devastated. He said he wanted the dog to get fresh air while he was in the classroom teaching.

I still get sick when I see that beautiful dog hanging there lifeless. So I'm always hard on people who don't think things through regarding animals and their safety.

I've done all the stupid stuff like riding the dog in the back of the pick-up etc.