Comment: It is the 14th Amendment that

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It is the 14th Amendment that

It is the 14th Amendment that created the US citizen in law and invountarilly changed everyone's lwaful jurisdiction form that of the Common Law country (State) in which s/he was born, to the direct jurisdiction of Congress. Congress makes law for The United States. The United States is in DC. DC is not a state, and is thus NOT guaranteed a Republican form of government. Congress has no jurisdiction in any of the States of the Union. There is no such thing in law as "duel sovereinty" The States have sovereignty over their peopels and territory, The US over its. (see The Law Of Nations)

The purpose of the governments of each of the States (countries) in the American Union is to be the corpus of the boby politic of that state (see the definition of "state" as defined by Black's Law Dictionary).

The purpose of the Federal Government (see the definition of "federal or federation) is to coordinate and "make regular" the international relationshps among the several States of the Union as well as their collective relationship with the other states of the world outside the Union. The Federal Government is nothing more or less than an international corporate agent for the States in Union.

If you want to know where the problem lies, it's right here.

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