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Comment: Though wrong, theft and coercion will always be possible

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Though wrong, theft and coercion will always be possible

I often post here against collectivist ideas and consider them to be a source of evil in the world. However, there is one solitary reason for the idea of collectivist action to be embraced. By collectivist actions I do not mean voluntary cooperation among groups of people such as is necessary to accomplish productive goals that exceed the capabilities of single individuals. Such as: division of labor within families and communities.

Collectivism, where the rights and needs of the individuals are subordinate to the group, is only beneficial in one very specific situation; when a group, such as a family, community or larger society is physically threatened by aggression from an external group. Like in the old days when an aggressive army would amass on another nation's border, or when a marauding band threatened a community.

With military action, numerical superiority is important, which doesn't mean just the number of troops, but also armaments and logistical support. To ensure survival of the group in a defensive struggle to the death, individual rights must be subordinated to the needs of the group. If many individuals in a threatened group assert their right to their own life, all the members of the group risk death or violent enslavement.

This is what is meant by common defense. Home and family are threatened with destruction, individual rights must be sacrificed to preserve woman and children for posterity.

Human nature being what it is, once a group of individuals who are entrusted with the common defense become established, those individuals tend to identify with the martial group more than the peaceful group it exists to defend.

In normal situations, when the peaceful members start to be threatened by the martial members the peaceful group can withdraw collective support, or defund the martial group which is dependent upon the greater community for its support.

In the present day United States, the martial group is not dependent upon the larger society for its support and funding. Various writers, including Catherine Austin Fitts talk about a breakaway civilization when describing the military industrial complex. Drug prohibition insures large flows of cash to fund covert programs and operations, and the petrodollar scheme siphons wealth from the global economy to fund and expand the greatest military force ever created.

The martial group of the United States is no longer financially dependent upon the peaceful members of society for its support, even though its ostensible reason for existence is defense of the those who desire peace.

Everyone is made to fear attack as justification for surrendering their individual rights as if a life and death struggle for survival of the group is imminent but the primary threat to peace is the breakaway martial group.

Ending drug prohibition would reduce a great deal of the back door funding of police forces, but only the collapse of the petrodollar system and the end of US dollar global hegemony will rein in the American military empire.