Comment: All they care about is WALLSTREET---

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All they care about is WALLSTREET---

Really, they live and breathe the stock market. Even Rand Paul spoke about the stock market, as if they live and die by the stock market? This is the insanity of it all. The economy really has nothing to do with the stock market. All of this theater is nothing but a charade for the TV cameras.... All is meant to deflect from the real problems we are having right now which is the NSA massive invasion of privacy and more recently, and more frightening is the firing of the two generals in the nuclear bombs base.

I agree that the Republicans will cave, as they always do, and I will have nothing good to say about those criminals! They are beneath contempt, and all of them should be charged with treason, except those who have been fighting tooth and nail for the Constitution!

But, alas, the Federal Reserve is really the culprit in everything, because they are the ones who ultimately have the 90% control of the stock markets, and they can pick and choose any day of the week to pull the plug or to increase the flow of money printing into the stock markets.