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Comment: Thats fine, we don't always

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Thats fine, we don't always

Thats fine, we don't always have to agree. Anti-GMO legislation could be one of the most 'justifiable' use of force, but it is not consistent with libertarianism. I am no way pro-GMO just anti-government.

I support organic producers by buying, 90% of the time, grass-fed, wild-caught meat and organic vegetables and fruits and grains. And I don't buy GMO because I care about my health and my family's health. I also spread the message about GMO hazards as wide as possible to my friends, colleagues and extended family.

That people became informed enough to force legislation against GMOs itself shows the power of spreading information. Government didn't mandate that people talk about GMOs for a few hours everyday, yet liberty loving people wrote blogs, did research and helped reach critical mass awareness all without monopolized force.

Just wait for this legislation to grow and mandate many extra types of labeling. Big chains/producers will be able to cope up whereas small individual mom&pop stores (which are already dwindling rapidly) will choke on the added costs. Imagine farmers' markets being forced to label products. Governments always expand and this would turn out to be yet another area for its growth.

We also have other problem to solve such as state-sponsored fluoride in water, chemtrails, toxic recycled materials etc.. where labeling will not be effective.