Comment: The message was that the NWO

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The message was that the NWO

The message was that the NWO technocracy is undefeatable, and is the eventual, inescapable future."

Then how did slavery get abolished? No, the message is that you may not live to see it, but there is liberty to be had, and it is worth dying for.

What's up with the gay guy and his sexual advances towards the old man?

I don't care if he's gay. This isn't proof of anything.

The old man rejects him, and so he is painted as a bad guy, for not banging the boy. Gross.

Hmm, it's very odd to me that is how you took it. See, to me, he was a bad guy because he insulted and mocked the other guy and used an awkward situation to his advantage and tried to control the guy, not at all because he wasn't 'into it'. But according to you, the values of myself and others who watch this must be so completely warped that the rejection was more morally reprehensible than all of the other things he did. To that I can only say, you are the one whose perspective is warped, not I.

How about one of Tom Hanks's characters, who was too scared to help the man & his son from the starving cannibals, because the devil told him not to?

Exactly, and then he immediately realized that was a mistake, and clearly felt terrible about it, and never listened to the devil-dude again.

These are poor, peasant subjects of the futuristic technocracy ruled by the elite. And they are presented as helpless, unless they are one of the cannibals.

Read any history lately?

The 'witch doctor' female has an Illuminati Eye on her forehead.

Lol. People say this every time they see any eyeball anywhere. Eyeballs are cool symbols. I use them too on some designs I do, does that make me NWO? Also, I was unable to find a picture of this, if it's the lady I'm thinking of I see no eye.

Halle Barry's character in that part is one of the NWO technocrats, and she has a '3rd Eye' symbol on here forehead also, but it is a technological '3rd Eye'.

It isn't even close to the illuminati symbol, this is really, really stretching and looking for all these tiny symbols is so silly, why would they put symbols like that into everything?

Her sole purpose is to get the mountain on the island, and use the peasant to accomplish her goal, not to help them.

Then why did she face that moral dilemma and end up choosing to save the little girl's life?

The Black sailor who gets horribly beaten, only gets to live if he is extra useful.

This wasn't a glorified act. Something happening in a movie does not automatically mean the maker of the movie supports it. That is just silly to even point this out. It was clearly a heavily vilified act.

The Asian girls are kept as basically robot slaves. They get raped, and systematically killed if they oppose the technocracy. The main Asian girl does not seem to ever question her status as a slave. She just gets lucky that someone from the Elitist technocracy helps her.

See above.

The city in this Asian part is named 'Neo Seoul', like the capital of S. Korea... But the name 'Neo Seoul', is a metaphor for a Neo Soul, or a New human Soul. Total NWO bs.

Uh, yeah, no.

The theme of reincarnation is prevalent. This is not consistent with Judeo-Christian beliefs, and is consistent with 'New Age' beliefs. Also, the idea of 'your life is not your own, it belongs to many others', reinforces collectivist ideology.

I don't care whether or not the movie is "consistent with Judeo-Christian beliefs". That is not even a remotely good argument to prove it is NWO material. That's true lunacy.

Overall the message is the NWO is coming, it is the destined future, and while you can martyr yourself, you can never bring down the NWO.

No, it takes serious mental gymnastics (or complete tunnel vision) to come away thinking that. It was very obviously saying that the future is not set, and that things can change for the better. Slavery was overthrown, and so too will tyranny, but not without the blood of patriots and tyrants.

This movie is pure NWO brainwashing, while pretending to sympathize with individualist, liberty values. It's a trap, if you stay consistent with the ideology in this movie it will lead you astray.

Oh yes I'm totally 'trapped' and 'brainwashed'. Because now that I agree with this movie, even though I see it as totally libertarian and not at all NWO, and took away from it completely different things than you (since I do not assume everything that takes place in a movie to be automatically glorified)... I have been brainwashed to agree with everything the elite says! I mean especially the eyeballs man! Now that I've seen the eyeballs, I'm screwed! OH NO!!!!