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not sure what to say

First: I am not a Nazi. I am Black! Please don't insult me!
Second: Blavatsky lived before the nazis. She had nothing to do with them. SOME nazis were deep into the occult, but that doesn't mean that Blavatsky created the Nazis. It's like trying to blame Jesus for the crusades. She hated violance and loved freedom.
Third: You call me Nazi and yet you tell me to stay in Germany? You think that I am a Nazi only because I am from Germany? Isn't that called prejudice? Wasn't that the problem that the nazis had? "Jews are evil" etc...
Fourth: Have you ever read a book from Blavatsky? Not what other people wrote about her....
Fith: How intelligent is it to believe that the liberty movement is an "american movement"?

If you believe in liberty you would respect the believes of other people...even if that believe is the occult...btw....occult is not evil. The christian church declared it evil a long time ago and since then a lot of christians believe that without questioning their own believes. Do you really know what occultists actually do?

I think you are either somebody who read something bad about occultistism and blavatsky and believes it without deeper research or you are a hardcore christian (I respect that). But if you want to trash something like blavatsky you should know something about that subject. the link you provided is total garbage. YES, I know about the Vril. A legenday myth from a book written in 1871 called:"The coming race". FICTION!

If you don't want to buy that book for research you can read it here for free:

Blavatsky used the word vril to describe a larger concept. In India this force (vril) is known as prana, in china it's known as chi.

I could go on and on...but to be honest, I don't think that you know anything about occultism or blavatsky, you just believe that blavatsky or occultism is evil...and it is a waste of time to argue over a believe. It's lilke trying to convert jehova's witnesses to islam. A fruitful discussion can only come if there is knowledge on both sides. You, my friend in liberty, are not educated about that subject. I know, you think you are, you see esoteric symbols and see the NWO everywhere, (I read you other posts) but all your "occult-knowledge" is based on a believe that this stuff is evil and you will not question that believe. Blind believes and liberty don't mix very well.