Comment: We aren't against veterans

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We aren't against veterans

We aren't against veterans fighting for our so called 'rights', thats not what these 'wars' are about. They are about greed, corruption, and no care for human life. Even the most of the military knows this which is why the politicians who support ending the wars get the most money from active duty and veterans for their political campaigns. We are not against WAR necessarily, just unconstitutional wars with no authority for the president to unilaterally strike any nation without a declaration. Even declared wars most libertarians, and I think Americans, would be opposed to anyways because we know most likely they are being faught for the wrong reasons. Over 80% of the American public was non-interventionist going into WWII, thats why the government had to keep making propaganda films to sell the war, also they never showed Americans actually getting killed. If you think the 'war on terror' is about freedom you are terribly mistaken, it's the exact opposite. Just like most governmental named programs. It's there as an excuse to take away our freedoms for security.. I can't believe we all still react to people like you but its just because we care to educate so for the most part we will take the time out of our day to explain and in a respectful manner, unlike calling people names like you seem to do. If you want to debate policy nobody in political arena today is more willing to do that than libertarians. Thanks for your post at DP and hope to see you here sometime in the future, once you wake up.