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I believe (hopefully) I see what you say

I believe (hopefully) I see what you say, and I could grant you it's not obvious that the point is free of contradiction, but as a matter of a hint on why (we like it or not) any human society is likely required to allow itself some force to be used sometimes, I'd just use Pascal's wit :

"Justice without force is helpless; force without justice is tyranny."

Indeed, he had said it all so tersely, even before Bastiat.

In fact, this is something already and naturally understood at very small scale, at the level of the family, even if we don't pay much attention to it, as it's so natural. Would you ever imagine a household run by the 4 year old's instead of the parents' home rules? Contrariwise, who in their sane mind would find excuse to parents abusing their own children, only on the sole ground "they're theirs, in their house, after all"? Nature's wisdom has been to have social animals, like humans, figure by themselves that both types of extremes wouldn't allow them to preserve very long their specie if carefully chosen amounts of "force" (to enforce minimal rules at milestones of life) weren't used - if, and only if, appropriately well-placed.

But the biggest problem, IMO, even before brutal force comes into full display is when the Law starts to become perverted - when the Law ceases to be Justice and only Justice, to become "plan" or "agenda" instead.

THAT is the perversion of the intent of the Law.

For, that is also the time when the force of Law become the force of the arbitrary (be it from a tyrant, oligarchs, or a 50.00001% mob majority).

And by then, when that happens, Justice was gone long ago.

Look where we are today. Look at what are called "Laws".

Where are any traces of Justice, there?

My .02

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