Comment: Daily paul is annoying as

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Daily paul is annoying as

Daily paul is annoying as shit lately. So much crap going on in the world and you think the biggest injustice is people not being able to work for $3.00 an hour? lol get freakin real.

I CHALLENGE EVERYONE who has been talking down on govt. food assistance recipients and saying employers and employees should work out their own wages, to get rid of all your stuff, put it in storage or something for a while... Go move to wherever your magical alternative to a housing project is when you have no money and no credit and no family to live with, don't apply for food stamps or any welfare, take your wife and kids with you, and negotiate with your employer your little non-govt. mandated wage of $6 bucks an hour, and show us how it's done. Film a neat little documentary on it because I definitely want to see that shit.

Otherwise stfu. Help to educate people, help fix the system, teach a man to fish.