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When one is attacking another

One individual attacking another individual is completely different that one individual being attacked by one of the most powerful militaries in the world. No?

Because Palestine is not a state by the UN Security council (Which is what I suppose the global government likes most, and what the USA could become) Palestine is shattered with layers of authority that are no kinder than IDF (or any military for that matter.. look no further than Syria and Assad opening fire on protesters that led to a messy civil war) Jordan and Egypt have treaties with Israel, and the Palestinians are also angry with Jordan (whose flag of the West Bank is 100% exactly like Palestine Territory (same state?), which this angry kid lives. He does not live in the occupied territory which is protected by the IDF. Whateveer agreements were made for the demolition, the Palestinian Authority knows all about it, and that's why they do nothing. Do you think that if Mexico began bulldozing homes in Texas the US government on some level would do nothing?