Comment: One very convincing evidence

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One very convincing evidence

that for the past 2000 years, countless people (hundreds of millions) have been killed, murdered, tortured, persecuted, mistreated, cast away from their homes and properties, etc, etc, for the Name of Christ.

Now tell me, if Jesus Christ was a lie made up by somebody, it would be the most dazzling lie ever.

It is not difficult to make up a lie and have many people follow it. But for 2000 years, and have countless people died for it? You've got to realize there's something more going on here.

Christians today are still being killed and murdered and persecuted everyday all over the world. And all they have to do to avoid being killed was to denounce the name of Jesus Christ. It's impossible for that many people from every country and every tribe for so long (2000 years) to be fooled by a lie.

The people who perpetrate this abominable lie about Jesus has no idea of the real faith hope and love experienced by true Christians everywhere everyday.