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Here is the problem:

Sweatshops, indentured servants, slaves and serfs are ALL products of putting all wage decisions into the hands of the employers who become very powerful while those who actually work have no bargaining power whatsoever.
Its a great model. But it doesn't always reflect reality.

OK. Reality is the following: Most people are slaves. I'm not saying that it's genetic or racial or anything, but it is the majority condition of the mind. Slavery is the default condition of humanity. Sweatshops, indentured servants, etc., are not porducts of employers ever. They are the product of people with the minds of slaves.

A slave is first a slave in his mind. The only place he can be freed is in his mind.

The only regulation required is self-regulation.

John Adams said: The American revolution happened in the hearts and minds of the people before the first shot was fired in 1775. What was this peculiar thing that happened in the hearts and minds of the people? One way to put it, is that through a peculiar set of circumstances they developed the minds of free men. They broke the default of having the minds of slaves. After that, at least some of them would go hungry or die rather than be enslaved.

This true revolution was not supposed to end.