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No one ever exhausts any

No one ever exhausts any subject. I've always felt this attitude was a bit off. Like, your opinion is only different than mine because you've read more than me. Well, maybe so, but why isn't it your job to convince me at least of the fact that it's worth looking into more? Why should I spend more of my limited time on this earth trying to convince myself against something I firmly believe based on an already significant amount of research, simply because you said I haven't read enough? At what point does one have enough information to make a call and move on to doing something else?

You're right, I haven't read those authors (with the exception of Narnia), but such a significant portion of my life has been spent following this belief, and the discontent during that time has been so great, and the results have been so unfulfilling, and I have been left feeling so much emptier with so-called "faith" than without it, that at this point I would rather be completely wrong on the matter than to devote significant further time to the subject during this very finite life.