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Sovereignty is actually held

Sovereignty is actually held by the lawful bodies politic of the several States according to the law of the sevral states: their Constitutions. They are called states because the people embody a "state" of unity in law and territory.

The United States does not posses a true body politic. The United States is not a State of the Union. US citizens are subjects to a territory, The Distric of Columbia, which is not a state, and is NOT guaranteed a Republican form of government. The 13th Amendment abolished private slavery in the form of involuntary servitude, and the 14th Amendment embraced public slavery as voluntary servitude in the form of Federal citizenship.

There is no sovereignty held by US citizens. They are ruled. Period. They have pledged allegiance to a thing, which according to international law, is an international agent for the participating countries in the Union, not a country in its self.

I wish it were not so, but so it is. It has been the plan all along. Marxism has been alive and well on these shores for well near 150 years because no one seemed to notice, or care to know the law.

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