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It is extremely responsible

You're right, they are completely different, however, they are equally bad.

Governor McDonnell hasn't been too bad. In fact, over the last 20+ years we haven't had a governor that screwed things up too much (Tim Kaine probably being the worst). Most of this is a result of the governor having limited power and the General Assembly only being in session for 75 days or less. Sadly, I believe both Ken and Terry would be successful in dismantling this proud history of responsibly run government. Ken would bring pointless bickering that would further divide the two parities and Terry would bring Washington politics into Virginia issues. Both are terrible outcomes. If Bill Bolling got the nomination this race would be over with Bolling winning 60% of the vote and we'd have 4 years of a McDonnell type governor (which is fine).

I used to be a state employee as well. If I were you, I'd vote for Sarvis is a heart beat. With Terry you are likely to get more useless government work and with Ken you are likely to get VRS raided...not to mention you might loss your job.

If you want to be responsible, vote for someone that doesn't completely suck. You need someone that actually CARES about Virginia. We aren't voting for a federal government, we are voting for a state government...and frankly, I'm not sure Ken or Terry know the difference.