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In all due respect

to the ban, I am with holding all evidense and refraining from sharing what I have found to be the truth of a country that I will not name, and yes, LOVE is the center of my picture in the mid east, which absolutely has great compassion for the abused Palestinians, which I find propeganda such as the topic post purposely misleading and fueling hate.

Dwell in the hell of half the story to your heart's content.. for it is your LOVE, or lack of, that is exposed.. really no different that MSM that uses people to sell product.. that's exactly what this is.. selling hate.

I suggest that those really interested in this topic begin watching films made in the West Bank.. learn something about the culture, about the area and the conflicts from their perspective, which is NOT the same as American.. matter of fact, you will see patterns in the films from the West Bank, and see how they see Americans, which may surprize you. Actually, it would give you far more compassion for them and why they would see a topic post like this and call it hate propeganda.