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Comment: It's common knowledge in the scientific field now

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It's common knowledge in the scientific field now

that big bang/evolution is completely impossible, DNS strands are no different now, than millions of years ago, but with no alternate answer, what's being taught will stay. The Aether is real, I personally have proved its existence, but so many unanswered questions remain.

Study electrical engineering, its history, and learn everything the 20 or so inventors discovered, and you will see how nature works. It's pretty understood today, that most likely, SOMEONE created the planet and sun, even if they refuse to say it was an all powerful being.

And before I get like a billion down votes for my opinion, study the knowledge yourself. I am basing this off of Electrical Engineering and Ecosystems Analysis studies over the past 150 years, this has nothing to do with the fact I am a believing Christian.

PS: If anyone want's links to some material, I can offer some to get started.