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There is a growing movement in Electrical Engineering

Ill try my best to remember the path I started on. I think I'll start here though as it's a video. What started me on studying the planet is below the video.

I chose this video because he gives the basic history of the players involved. It's a matter of researching each person afterwards on your own.

These are just theories, but they throw the majority of what we have been taught out the window and after a more in-depth look, I keep finding that he's not wrong on a lot of things.

Professor Eric Dollard is the teacher here.

Here is what made me begin to study ecosystems.

This is the Futurequake show, I don't remember how I found it, but this is the only one I ever listened to. The guest is Dr Michael Coffman, a 25yr ecosystems analyst and former member of the Acid Rain/Global Warming team from the 80's. This show is a Christian radio show, so it's God heavy from time to time, if that bothers anyone.

This link bugs out every now and then, but it's a free podcast on itunes or whatever, can also download this file instead of play it and it should download the whole thing.