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Likewise, Agreed.

The only thing that I will sort of add as a "good sign" of our human tendencies towards War for Profit, is that people are finally seeing it as just that. Actually, not just that but also control.

War divides and Division is Control.

But the force of "Love" that is increasing in awareness and momentum across the globe is a very welcome revelation. Thanks to our ability for the first time in World History to be in a time where we have this global consciousness growing each day (the Internet), we are beginning to see that Hate and Fear need to be PERPETUATED and Imposed upon humanity to keep the "mechanics" of Division and Control in place to serve the FEW that use it all as tools to hoard their physical wealth while they remain spiritually poor.

Religions have only been a casualty of these old methods. I've read many religious texts, Christian and others, and I have never come across anything that would incite violence within me. So where did all these "Religious" Wars come from? From the people that sought to exploit them for control.

These are all just weaknesses of "Powerful" men/women. But that "power" is all illusionary. It has no basis in the Laws of Nature. Only in tactics of Control. And since people are now becoming more in tune with the Laws of Nature and the Universe, humanity is becoming more at ONE with all of this life has to offer.

Historically, I believe you are 100% accurate in describing how we, as a human species, got to where we are today. However, we are also on NEW ground and we're actually making History as we Awaken in becoming a Global community that embraces its differences.

Hey, didn't we just stop a war in Syria because of the internet and immediate spread of information? Have we even noticed that we have done so for the FIRST time EVER? Seems to me we have expended our consciousness to the Global Level rather than just Nationalistic narrow-sightedness.

What do you think?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin