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Many people, myself included

are of the "thought" that perhaps Jesus was a quantum genius. He did spend time (7 years I believe) with the Buddhists which may very well have taught him a true power of "mind over matter" where he was able to direct his mind in such a focused and precise way that the molecular structure of water could be changed into "wine" and the same could be said for his healing of the sick.

Science is showing us that at the core of all things there is Mind. So what abilities could one have who has an unwavering KNOWING of this reality to use his own mind to create frequencies of healing vibrations? "God-like" OR "Blasphemous Witchcraft"? Are they any different in effect? No. But one is perpetuated by Fear isn't it? How dare a "mortal" claim to have God-like powers!

I found it quite interesting when I saw one of those Sunday Christian programs on TV once where the pastor (can't remember who it was now) pointed out the symbology of something as simple as doing the sign of the cross: You first point to the Mind (The Father), then to the Heart (the Son aka Sun aka Solar-plexus) and draw a line between the two (the Holy Spirit), and said that only NOW with quantum physics we are beginning to see these "Truths right under our noses".

I thought I was on the wrong channel for sure. Nope. It was such a weird yet beautiful moment in seeing this man use physics as a part of his sermon. It blew my Mind.

There is much Truth everywhere, you just have to read between the lines. The problem is when these subjective Truths become Industrialized into a Societal Complex. Rather than it being "folklore" it's more accurate to say it's a metaphor like a Glass being half empty or Half full. In reality neither is true for the glass is always FULL: one half water (physical), and one half air (spiritual). Like the photon, we as humans have the ability to fluctuate between a particle and a wave form (As Above So Below), and neither is more important than the other. They are the Yin and the Yang.

I think I'm getting too deep for the end of the work day ;)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin