Comment: Let me add to your conspiracy theory

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Let me add to your conspiracy theory

Gov Malloy has been VERY chummy with Obama.

Obama even came here to push for Malloy(odd since on a national level CT is as solid a D as they come).

During election - Bridgeport(a large D community - you know - welfare, corruption, lots of people that cant produce ID's) runs out of ballots - seriously - they claim they are actually out of ballots. The polls are kept open later than scheduled and lo and behold - Mallow pulls it out in the end. CLASSIC Chicago style politics.

And now he is beholden to Obama and he falls right in line.
This is a very corrupt state(to the point where we actually had to have a police agency outside CT investigate our State Police).

You want MIC - just look at our state - UTC, Pratt and Whitney, Sikorsky, EB(builds nuclear subs and services them, Colt and on and on.