Comment: Oh, wonderful. Yay China! (not) ....

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Oh, wonderful. Yay China! (not) ....

We all know the problems with our current monetary/fiscal policy, but the goal is to fix it, so that we can restore America to the prosperity it once had. Right?

I mean the decline of America, & the dissolution of free-markets, individual liberty, and the US Constitution is the goal of the New World Order is it not?

Those responsible for this decline of American liberty and liberty abroad are those very New World Order elements that have infiltrated our nation (Obama/Clintons-Commie Globalists, Bushes-Nazi/Skull+Bones, and their associates & business partners in gov't, media, & industry).

Is the OP of his thread rooting for China, in his scenario? Honest question.

This is being instituted by the new WORLD order, as America, our Constitution, our free-markets, and our liberty as individuals is he greatest obstacle in the way of their goal.

It is not the US vs. China and the US is wrong, it's the American People vs. the NWO, who run the US & Chinese governments.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?