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to make us talk about it

"I'm just wondering if the forced feedings were so horrible why they wouldn't just choose to eat then"

They do it for the same reason anyone ever does a hunger strike, it get those with the power to make a change. These guys have been cleared for release yet are still in prison. They have hardly any choices in their lives and after days, weeks, months, and then years of unjust detainment they feel compelled to do something.

Attacking guards may be an option, but that won't get the sympathy needed to affect change. They could just behave and live like caged rats for decades. But refusing to eat illustrates the barbarity of their captors and the society that allows it. Shaming the powerful into acknowledging they aren't living to the ideals they claim to believe has worked on several occasions.

Choosing to eat to avoid the NG tube feeding is an option that surely many do take, and it's completely understandable. But after 5 or 6 year...maybe accepting this torture in addition to all the other injustices is worth the pain. They may decide the pain it worth it to capture the attention of the American public, other nations, or even the UN; and perhaps restart momentum toward the closure of that terrible prison once again.