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The Broncos are a joy to watch

That team is like the Pats teams of years past.

This year we've got a hard road. The whole offense is composed of rookies and nobodies. Every game is a struggle. But the win on Sunday showed a little something about this team.

I can't wait to see the Broncos vs. Pats later this year. I'll be watching from Taiwan - I'll have to track down some way to watch it. The time difference is exactly 12 hours.

I remember the old days of the Seahawks vs. Broncos, when it was Krieg vs. Elway. Those were the days.

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And I totally agree (obviously) that there is nothing wrong with watching sports. When I think back to my childhood growing up, I learned so much from sports. From Coach Knock of the Hawks, Bernie Bickerstaff, George Karl of the Sonics.

Sports is (one of the) heights of human excellence. You can learn a lot. I learn a lot from everything. Everything and everyone is my teacher.

Thank you Mike for the comment.

He's the man.