Comment: How many times...

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How many times... this Atwill goofball going to get brought up and then shot right back down by people who actually know history?

Okay, let's just IGNORE the supernatural for now.

Wait, that leads to the awkward situation where the vast majority of credible historians agree Jesus was a real person based on, you know, historical manuscripts. This dude claims that He was made up by the Romans (which makes no sense), his evidence being bizarre cherry-picked comparisons and ludicrous mental gymnastics.

Real life is not Assassin's Creed, sorry.

In addition, if Rome wanted Christianity to happen so badly, why were they so intent on killing them all? Why would they create a religion that mandates its followers refuse to worship anything - including Caesar - other than God, despite emperor-worship being an actual Roman policy? Why would they portray themselves as pompous @$$holes?

To top everything off, we have more manuscript evidence for Jesus' existence than ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Or Emperor Tiberius, for that matter. Or more than a few famous Greeks.

This theory is bad and its creator should feel bad.