Comment: In short... Your theory is bullcrap.

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In short... Your theory is bullcrap.

My comment does answer your question, because I am saying your 'theory' is based on nothing, and the paganization of 'Christianity' did not happen until much later. So.... NO.

Paul adapted the message the different audiences he saw, that's all.

This is the 2nd time you've been caught out spewing complete non-sense denouncing Christianity. In fact the 3rd.

You've claimed Paul conspired against Yeshua's message. No evidence, admittedly to back that up. You've claimed Jesus was referred to as Lucifer, &/or vice versa in the Bible. That is complete non-sense, too. You even pretended there was a quote, and then I called you on it, and you gave me mis-interpreted non-sense. You also boldy, collectively lumped all Christians together say "Christians" have a skewed perspective about Masonry.

You are a troll, and an admitted Muslim with a clear anti-Christian agenda.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?