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Comment: Self spoken contradiction?

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Self spoken contradiction?

If the word Government is spoken in such a way as to intend to convey an INVOLUNTARY association then why use the word Government?

There is no limit on INVOLUNTARY association, in the sense that THE limit has already been exceeded, the POWER to create and maintain the INVOLUNTARY association has already been established, and therefore there exists, past that LIMIT, an INVOLUNTARY association.

When the Masters (Criminals) and the Slaves (Victims) are working each day to maintain the INVOLUNTARY association, there is a point crossed, another LIMIT passed, whereby no other possible association is within the reach of their very LIMITED minds.

If, on the other hand, those same Masters and Slaves were to harken back to, or currently entertain, or imagine a future existence in, VOLUNTARY association, and realize that Government has been, is, and can continue to be, strictly based upon The Consent of the Governed, as in the meaning of the words VOLUNTARY Association conveys, then there is in that way, a measurable return back across the line whereby the LIMIT on Government is no longer exceeding the LIMIT on Government.

This is easily understood with simple tests that can help each individual person test themselves in the effort to know the difference between a free mind and a mind that is caught within the Master/Slave Falsehood.

Is it necessary to enforce involuntary taxes?

Yes, I have exceeded the LIMIT of LIMITED Government, I am one of the criminals, and therefore the answer is yes, We The Criminals must rob our victims or our victims will choose not to be our victims.

Yes, I have exceeded the LIMIT of LIMITED Government, I am one of the slaves, and therefore the answer is Yes, We The Slaves must turn things around so that We, not They, must rob our victims or our Masters will continue to be our Masters, instead of us being the Masters over our Slaves.

No, history, current reality, and future possibilities, confirm that the accurate answer is that Crime does not have to be made Legal, since Free Market Government works very well for the purpose it is intended, which is to Defend Liberty.