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Not completely.

Roman Catholicism made a massive comeback in the early 20th century thanks to Mussolini, though they are now in decline again due to a string of scandals and the continual rise of the secularized tyranny that you speak of.

By the way, you do realize that Roman Catholicism and The Church are not synonymous. Apart from Eastern Orthodoxy, there is also the Protestant Reformation to consider, each of these two I would argue have a more legitimate claim on being "The Church" than Rome does at present if conformity to ancient councils and The Word are our guide.

Granted, I don't view The Church as being an institution of tyranny in and of itself, though it may become one if it is allotted powers not prescribed to it. Just as governments are not necessarily tyrannical unless they circumvent the Rule of Law. By the way, did you know that Lex Rex (The Rule Of Law) is a Christian creation? No? I thought not.

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