Comment: The Redsk*ns Moniker Monopolizes on Genocide Committed Against

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The Redsk*ns Moniker Monopolizes on Genocide Committed Against

In the Midwest, being Indian is a different story. I just got back from a 3 week stay in Pine Ridge S. Dakota. I was pulled over 4 times in 3 weeks. The police blotter in Rapid city is almost all Indian a community where the majority is White..

The Redsk*ns Moniker Monopolizes on Genocide Committed Against Native Americans, by Danielle Miller
snippet: I’ve felt conflicted in the past because I see both sides of the issue. I used to be in support of Native mascots but after actually experiencing racism, my view changed. I never experienced racism until moving out to the Midwest, and I can tell you racism is alive and well.
The name perpetuates Natives as a monolith, erasing different tribes, respect and presence of Native Americans in modern discourse. Anyone educated about Native Americans can see the probable causal effects that result from the stereotypes. Not being taken seriously contributes to “bigger problems” that have been brought up to deflect conversation. Regardless of what “bigger problems” we have it doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to be proactive in handling different issues. It also doesn’t change the fact that we have the right to an opinion against racism and being dehumanized.
Native Americans have been dehumanized since conquistadors coined the term “savage”. Just as the U.S. military dehumanized their enemies with terms like “gooks” and “japs” to justify fighting war, Natives were dehumanized to be red skinned, savage, devil worshippers as justifications for atrocities committed. The U.S. has clung to racist depictions of Native Americans so long it could be argued that these depictions justify cultural imperialism and play out as subconscious control mechanisms against the threat of inherent tribal sovereignty.