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Old news, but -

This is perhaps old news, but it's good that it's coming to light again. Many of the so-called "Christian Religious Organizations" throughout history have used violence and bigotry as a means to their success, but it is exceedingly difficult to convince a fundamentalist base - with an actual understanding of the pacifistic nature of Christ's teachings - that dropping bombs on Iraq and Afghanistan is what God wants for their nation. It is in fact impossible without a little persuasion . . .

Ever since the epiphany that I - and many of us, in fact - had regarding the "miraculous demolition" of the Twin Towers and Tower 7, it has been obvious to me that pitching a duality of "us v. them" in the minds of these fundamentalists was one of the many major movers in the September 11 "miraculous demolition". That made it somehow "alright" in their collective mindsets to advance as Romans, Germans, et cetera.

Many of us already knew that the "NSA is listening" long before Snowden, and many of us already knew that our military was capable of committing horrific crimes against humanity long before Manning, but lets keep the whistles blowing - people of sound mind are still listening as well.