Comment: The market will decide

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The market will decide

If there is one thing our little segment of the movement does not lack, it is media.

Start with the Alex Jones Show, then the Lew Rockwell Show, the Peter Schiff Show, add the Tom Woods Show. King World News. The Robert Wenzel Show. Now you have Ben Swann. Certainly there must be others I'm forgetting.

None of these outlets charge money. Ron Paul has the name cachet - he can charge money, and some people are willing to pay it. One guy down below he says he pays money and he doesn't even listen.

Ron Paul is a businessman, and if this is worth his time, he'll continue to do it.

The problem is that there seems to be a great amount of saturation. All the same guests make the same circuit. Lew Rockwell interviews Ron Paul, then he goes one Ron's Show and Ron Paul interviews Lew. Tom interviews Ron; Peter interviews Ben, etc.

I'm not sure that Ron's show adds much to the free conversation that is going on, but again, the market will decide.

There is only so much time in the day. The Diamond Dog donated to both campaigns, but does not feel the need for further donations.

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