Comment: Thanks in return for all those who thanked me but WITH ONE VOICE

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Thanks in return for all those who thanked me but WITH ONE VOICE

"And the people rose up and with one voice said...."

We rose up to say we support the truckers, not the "organization" or the personalities. We all steer thanks and recognition to the truckers.

I think that's the big take-away for all of us. We supported the people not the fancied up, forced and false poofed-up and grandstanding individuals.

The lesson I take away is a reminder. Pretty much every position of crucial import I have got in this movement I stood up and pretty much took. I direct the persons or people directly involved and fit myself in there.

I'll never forget when I sent like the 20th email to Aaron Russo, the latest being subjected in all caps "AARON RUSSO PLEASE ALLOW ME TO MAKE MY CASE".

And like a week later I got a call and a voice said "I'm Hollywood film producer and director Aaron Russo". And boy did my life change.

So I kinda fault myself for not seeing through this and getting through to Earl and the drivers and offering direct support.

Let's do that now. You young people that are smart with tech? Get together, form a plan, get in touch with these drivers, convince them you are the best for the job.

You will be the best because you don't have your own major agenda. You just want to help them get their word out in their own way using the best and coolest technology and broadcast capability. Because you do. And that is a fact.

And you can start that RIGHT NOW. TODAY. So get crackin. And keep me informed. You might be getting the idea I've done this kind of thing once or twice. And I'll be coming out with some stuff to help you soon.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.