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My apologies for the misunderstanding

I never claimed anything as fact. I clearly said that my views are based on my experience and mine alone. You cannot take my subjective experience on as your fact. Too many have tried and failed that already.

Indeed, we are all free to choose our own path to Truth and to our own personal relationship to/with God. The right path is the one that works for you. Your path may not be mine and vice versa.

I am not afraid to stand with conviction of what my experiences have revealed to me. Those are my facts that are mine alone and I would never impose them onto others. That is the fault of many systems of Religion.

Let me also clarify my position on Religion, which is not one of "a distorted mess" but rather generally messed up by distorted people. I draw a distinction between Religion and Faith, however. Faith is something that is within the individual's heart and mind and again is a completely subjective experience and relationship. Religion is the institutionalization of a Faith by which it is disseminated to masses of people into a group-based "organization" of sorts and historically have been used to impose a great amount of suffering upon humanity. It was a LACK of Faith by those in power that caused that.

Yes, of course today the Church is much evolved and as I mentioned, many are "adapting" their Faith to teaching in new ways, practical ways—which is what I believe Jesus would have preferred. That's my opinion either way. I am very happy, truly, that your Church is a source of great happiness for you. Many don't unfortunately.

I'm sorry that you perceived my sharing of my experiences as somehow belittling in any way. If I had done so purposely, then I would be a hypocrite to cite Unconditional Love as my way of life only to place the condition of agreement with my opinions on others. I never implied anyone was dim and I would definitely never imply someone was stupid for coming to their Truth in a way different than mine. I believe being enlightened is seeing the common thread that runs through all manners of Faith and not to seek further division.

If I still fail to find some common ground with which you could agree then I am still happy with the fact that a conversation was had and an attempt made to find some unity in the abundance of Truth in this World. Unfortunately, I cannot likewise disagree with what you have said. We have both taken different paths through our lives to come to a knowing of Truth which can only be understood by the individual alone. I think that's beautiful!

Once again, my apologies for my "over-the-topness". I suppose it can come across a bit "bitter" to swallow. Thank you for pointing it out so that I can better express my thoughts moving forward.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin