Comment: I like liability laws

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I like liability laws

The corporation is a tool that has centralized economic wealth to a small priviledge class.
The ruling class of "too big to jail" relies on the corporation to shield their wealth from their crimes of bribery, racketeering, and theft.
I think if you got rid of this pre-individual rights, imperialist, mercantilist institution called the 'corporation', then there would be a whole lot less "too big to fail"s.
That way when some crazy politically connected rich guy tries to organize a huge conglomerate business enterprise his risks will multiply. Robust liability law amplifies that.
As things stand now, the corporation ensures that however big a business gets, the risk to the board of directors is constant.
The corporation should not be a tool in general use. It is a weapon of war and emergency that contradicts individual rights enshrined in the constitution.