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Comment: You are simple. Was my statement simple, or complicated?

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You are simple. Was my statement simple, or complicated?

It was not a very 'simplistic' theory, but it is simple enough to understand. So why don't you?

First of all, since '08?

More like our financial system has been doomed to fail since 1913, at least.

And who do you think implemented that? Woodrow Wilson under orders from his globalist masters. They have been trying to dismantle the US since our Declaration of Independence.

This collapse would NOT have happened naturally, it is by design. That much should be clear to anyone who has followed Dr. Paul, and Austrian economics. Before the Federal Reserve system was implemented, and even for a long time after, our free-market, individualist system was naturally spreading itself around the globe, forcing monarchies and aristocracies the world over to go into hiding and to reform the economic and civil policies. The fall of the monarchies in Europe (at least officially), and it has even spread to the east (Japan, China, Russia, Korea, etc.).

But there has been a cancer (NWO) eating away slowly but surely at our system, and since WW2 it metastasized and has spread into every part of our American system, corrupting every organ, every function. Woodrow Wilson himself warned of this secret group of powerful people, as did Eisenhower, as did JFK. Since then, they took the executive branch, and we have heard Bush Sr., Joe Biden, and others openly speak of this New World Order.

As for the OP, I never STATED that he was rooting for China... I ASKED HIM if he was. Not you.

I love how you criticize my knowledge on the subject, but offer no explanation or reasoning of your own. And you simply tell me to "focus my frustration elsewhere".

Who is it exactly that I should be focusing on? Free-market capitalists? Austrian economics? Constitutionalists?

Why should I "focus my (attention) elsewhere", when the NWO infilth-traitors in our gov't are selling us down the river to the Chinese. No, it is not the free-market, constitutional system backed by Gold & Silver that our Founders set up that is collapsing. It is a criminal system that high-jacked our nation, run by globalist elites, that is designed to collapse the USA, and transition us to a NWO, fronted by the authoritarian-collectivist regimes in China, Russia and Europe, and the newly tyrannical co-opted US gov't.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?