Comment: Republicans Need A P.R. Firm!

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Republicans Need A P.R. Firm!

The Republicans are too stupid to win a debt-ceiling debate. They can't launch a full scale media assault like is necessary. The GOP should have had their asses out in front of the camera's 24-7 setting the narrative.

Instead, this false "default" narrative has been completely established and the Republicans are taking the blame for it. Why? Because they're continually pathetic at using the media to establish their own narrative.

The polls show they lost the argument, granted that's to an even more clueless public, but they lost nonetheless. Me personally, I would have still not moved if I were in the House. You're standing in front of a bulldozer and daring it to move first. If the GOP had stood firm, what could the White House have done? At some point they would have had to negotiate.

At this point the best political way forward is to let Obamacare go and be fully implemented and be the disaster it is.