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Sorry, but these articles truly make me laugh. Every couple of years, for at least the last 1,000 years, some new person comes out with some new "amazing", (and ridiculous and unfounded) assertion about who REALLY wrote the New Testament;, who Jesus REALLY was; or that Jesus didn't REALLY exist, or that Jesus REALLY didn't say what the Bible recorded that he did; or(insert here any other possible theory you can think of to discredit the validity of both Jesus and the bible) ad nauseum...Not only does this newest theory make absolutely no sense, on a dozen different levels, it also in no way addresses the fact that Jesus is foreshadowed and prophesized about in the Old Testament dozens and dozens of times, long, long before the Roman empire even existed; see Genesis, Isaiah, the Psalms and Daniel to name only a few. It's really getting tired, and really belongs in the weird stuff section.